Mark Lavin

I'm currently a Solutions Architect Melon in Apex, NC. My primary focus is custom web application development with Python and React.

My Github account contains an number of open source projects in various states of progress. Most are related to the Django framework. These include proof of concepts, example code from past articles or talks, and projects which have seen production use in both current and past projects. Below are some of the highlights.

Open Source Work Highlights

  • cloudping - Website uptime monitor which runs on the AWS free tier
  • django-selectable - Easy Django integration with the jQuery UI autocomplete
  • django-all-access - User registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers
  • django-responsive - Utilities for building responsive websites in Django
  • django-ad-code - Utilities for managing and rendering third-party ad tags in Django.
  • django-sticky-uploads - Enhanced file input widget for Django which retains its value on form errors
  • django-scribbler - Small Django-based CMS with front-end editing capabilities
  • sickmuse - A web-based graphing front-end for Collectd

My GPG key ID 3123FC13 is verified on Keybase.