Mark Lavin

Developer // Author // Homebrewer // Ironman

I'm Technical Director at Caktus Consulting Group in Durham, NC.

I also maintain a handful of open source projects; most are related to the Django framework.

Open Source Work

Active Projects

  • django-selectable - Easy Django integration with the jQuery UI autocomplete
  • django-all-access - User registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers
  • django-responsive - Utilities for building responsive websites in Django
  • django-ad-code - Utilities for managing and rendering third-party ad tags in Django.
  • django-sticky-uploads - Enhanced file input widget for Django which retains its value on form errors
  • django-scribbler - Small Django-based CMS with front-end editing capabilities
  • sickmuse - A web-based graphing front-end for Collectd

More of my work can be found on my Github account.

My GPG key ID 3123FC13 is verified on Keybase.